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1hr 30 mins £37.00 &
2hrs £50.00

Simply pay as you go every time you attend your driving lesson. No upfront deposits and fees!

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Q. How can British Drive offer such great value tuition?

A. Don’t for one minute think our standards are lower, that’s just the price! Due to fortunate circumstances and a lower cost base, I can pass these savings onto you. With over 18 years’ experience and regular instructor training you are in the best place towards passing the DVSA theory and practical driving test!

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A. Our lessons are 1hr, 1½ hr or 2hrs long with a very simple, clear, and affordable price plan.

1hr = £25, 1½ hr = £37, 2 hr = £50.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice how long you want your lessons to be, although their may be instances where a 1 1/2 hr or 2 hr lesson may be more suited for example more time may be needed to try a mock test, and we always recommend your first lesson to be 2 hours long as a little more time is required to get used to the controls and feel of the car you will be learning in.

A. This is not a problem; this is why we are here! Your instructor will run through and explain all the controls of the car plus the cockpit drill so your seat and mirrors are correctly set up and your seat-belt is on. Your instructor will pick an area that has relatively quiet traffic where you can try some moving off and stopping to begin. These are known as nursery routes. If this goes well, some basic junction work can be introduced with some gear changes added.

A. The instructor vehicles are small to medium sized cars and are fitted with dual-controls and the correct driving school insurance for pupil and instructor safety. You will take the driving test in the car you learn in as you’re familiar with the controls, touch and feel of the car.

A. Yes, all our driving instructors are fully qualified ADI’s, and not trainee instructors as in some other schools. British Drive instructors undergo training in relation to any updated requirements by the DVSA.

A. Whether you’re a beginner pupil or have some experience, we are here for you. We are also here to help pass the extended test and those from overseas looking to gain a UK driving licence.

A. Everyone has different abilities, but as a rough guide, an average pupil starting from scratch would require around 40 hours of tuition, but a pupil with past driving experience should require less tuition. However, this is not set in stone!

A. Yes, once you pass your theory test, you are able to book the practical test. Note that your theory test lasts for two years, so you have two years to then pass your practical test.

A. The driving test is around 40 minutes long and an extended test is between 1 hr and 1 1/2 hrs long.
It’s our number one priority that you take your driving test at the centre nearest to your home address unless there is a large backlog. In that case another test centre could be an option.

A. You will learn 3 reversing manoeuvres (reverse parallel park, bay parking and parking on the right which includes some reversing. You only cover 1 reverse manoeuvre on test.

A. Pupils will now have to follow sat nav instructions for 20 minutes or a series of road signs and markings. Pupils will also be given “Show Me” questions where the candidate will be required to operate controls whilst on the move, such as the demister controls.